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Whole Cloth Quilts Save Time & Money, and They’re Oh-So-Elegant!

KONA Whole Cloth Quilts

As a long arm quilter, I have a confession…. I love quilts. Big quilts, little quilts, square quilts, round quilts, fat quilts, skinny quilts, baby quilts, quilts with stars, modern quilts, old fashion quilts… We have a guest room in our home. The décor du jour is absolutely wild. I have a bright, Bohemian quilt […]

Easy Apron and Oven Mitts from Quilt Panels!

Black Cat Capers Apron/Oven Mitts, Northcott Fabrics

I’m still trying to figure out how to be the all-things-festive mom. I have friends who dress their homes from their foundations to the rooftops in holiday décor. They use patriotic themed placemats and napkins and serve fruity drinks with umbrellas on Independence Day. The smell of warm, clove wine fills the air during Christmas […]

Why Buy Expensive Fabrics When Big Box Stores Offer Fabrics at Half the Price?

Venice Multi Panel by Christiane Marques for Robert Kaufman

It’s important to us that our fabrics are not manufactured with harsh chemicals or formaldehyde. We buy quality fabrics from trusted manufacturers.

This One Simple Step Will Up Your Sewing Game!

The Best Tips and Tricks for Learning to Sew!

You’ll find yourself asking how it could have been so simple… I unapologetically admit that I had a bad case of new mommy syndrome when my babes were little. I didn’t like the idea of leaving them with sitters when my husband traveled, which was often. Running errands usually involved lugging kids with me, so […]

Make this Fun and Easy, Nap Sack with Teresa from Shannon Fabrics!

Nap sack for kids or adults

In just a few short hours, you’ll have an adorable, oh-so-cozy nap sack. Uses printed Shannon Cuddle and Shannon LUXE cuddle. Yardage is completely up to you and depends on how large you’d like your nap sack.

The Sewing Craze has Exploded; Some Tips for Your Budding New Hobby

Dragons & Knights Quilt, with Coordinating Changing Pad

Why buy expensive fabrics when big box stores offer fabrics at half the price?

Whether you’re a long time quilter or a beginner, Lightning Bugs Quilt Studio is a certified no-judgment zone. Together–that’s you and me–we’re going to finish a quilt that will make you proud.

Best long arm quilting

Preparing your quilt top:  Pssst! I have a secret… There’s no such thing as a perfect piecer. Sure, some come close, but if your piecing is a bit off, don’t give it another thought. Just follow these simple guidelines as you prepare your quilt top and it’s going to be absolutely beautiful when you get […]

A Desperate Mom, an Unexpected Passion

Precuts, Fat Quarters, Jelly Rolls, Roll Ups, and Fabrics and Long Arm Quilting Services by Lightning Bugs Quilt Studio, Logo copyrights Lightning Bugs Quilt Studio

We’re a small, “Made in the USA” mom and pop shop in Central New York. The entire business is me, my husband, Mark, and our free labor kids. (Joking about free labor. The kids are real; getting them to work is an entirely different story.) There have been many times in my life when I was traveling […]

Hang It UP!

Precuts, Fat Quarters, Jelly Rolls, Roll Ups, and Fabrics and Long Arm Quilting Services by Lightning Bugs Quilt Studio, Logo copyrights Lightning Bugs Quilt Studio

Two ways to add a quilt sleeve to your quilt Quilts can be beautiful heirlooms that last for generations. They can also be the comfortable snuggie that your little one can’t live without. For some quilts, the more they’re used, washed, crinkled and loved, the better they become.  Then there are those quilts you just […]