Banyan Batiks Illusion Sampler BOM, Month 5

Hello BOM Friends! 

Since I refuse to get behind this time, I’m sending Months 4 and 5 at the same time. To keep from getting confused, I recommend putting Month 5 completely out of sight until you’re ready to tackle it. 

Month 5 Main Block Assembly. This block is a variation of the pineapple log cabin block that you may have seen or sewn yourself. 

Starting with the center square, add one strip to both sides and then to the top and bottom. Square it. Then add (4) squares to the corners. Mark and sew corner to corner. Press and check for squareness. Wait to cut excess corners until all (4) back squares are sewn on and you’ve checked to make sure it is square. 

            Repeat for each round until you have a 12.5” x 12.5” square. 

Accent Row Assembly. The QST units need to measure 2 ¼” for the center in all directions. More importantly, the four corners that have points should be at the 4 ½” points on the ruler and the top corner. Cut those two sides. Turn block 180 degrees and line up the 4 ½” lines on the ruler with the two cut edges and cut.

Month 5 Accent Row Assembly: the boxed square rows are created like the main block. Sew and flip the corners. 


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