Banyan Batiks Illusions BOM, Month 6

Hello Block of the Month Friends!

It’s already June. We’re nearly half finished with our blocks. (If you’re not, no pressure—do them at a pace that’s right for you.)

We’ve been busy! I just finished our homeschooling program with one child, and I’m working hard with the second. (We’re so close.) One of our sons is playing soccer. And all of us are ready for some easy living days of summer.

Does anyone else find it hard to be at a sewing machine when the weather is nice? I love to create, but when the weather breaks and gardening begins, I struggle to get downstairs to my sewing room. I think there’s truth in the adage, “there’s a time for all things.” Right now, my hands want to be in dirt!

We put in a nice garden. We’re experimenting with hugelkulturs. They’re raised beds that use wood at the base, then you top with a foot of compost-rich soil. The wood eventually decomposes and becomes a wonderful bed of rich nutrients. Fingers crossed. We’re growing sugar daddy peas, different lettuces, carrots, radishes, cabbages, tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupes, onions, eggplants and squashes.

Okay, onto Month 6…

All techniques in this block have been discussed in earlier blocks. The key to making the main block for Month 6 is paying attention to color combinations and placement of the flying geese units.

• Four (4) will have different colored geese with the same background for the sky.
• The other four (4) will have Fabric 1 for all the geese with the sky matching the other four (4) geese colors.
• Pressing directions in this block are very important so that everything nests together when assembled.
• Accent Row: Triangles should be centered on the square, but they don’t have to face the same direction. Lay out the background squares on the ironing board. Then lay the triangles on top, twisting and turning as desired, then fuse in place.

Like before, I’m including two (2) months so we can take a little time with our boys this summer. Enjoy your blocks. Smell the flowers, grow the tomatoes, eat the cake, and have a pina colada! Enjoy your summer.

Please reach out with any questions.

Abundant blessings,


Bare Hugleculture_Mid May

Bare Hugelkultur
Mid-May 2022


Early June, 2022
(I know the grass looks crappy. It will eventually be rocks. For

Hugelkultur June_23_2022

June 23, 2022

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