Banyan Batiks Illusions Quilt Sampler, Block 4

Hello BOM Friends! 

How is everyone? Spring has arrived in Central New York, off and on anyway. It was in the low 70s today. Bliss! Next week we might have two feet of snow, but for now, the birds are singing birds and a cool, gentle breeze is hitting my face as I sit outside and write this. 

My month? Long story short, my machine was in the shop for quite a spell, so I have not completed Month 3 yet. Yikes! I’m starting to feel behind. But instead of feeling the heat, I’ve decided to chill and get ‘er done in the next few days. 

Month 4! The (4) assorted 9-patch units are not difficult, but they may be smaller piecing than you may be used to. To make sure the small pieces don’t get sucked into your machine, try using your straight stitch needle plate. That’s often a good call for me when I’m piecing itty bitty sections.  

Main Block Assembly. The (4) HST’s are made slightly different than normal. As in, we’ll only need (1) HST of each color and not multiples. You’ll mark a diagonal line corner to corner, but you’ll sew ON the line this time and cut ¼” away. Then square the block to 3 ½”. If you’ve sewn this accurately, there won’t be anything to trim. 

Accent Row. Make the drunkards path blocks using either the applique or pieced version, just like you did in Month 3. (I’m getting there. LOL!) Assemble (6) units. The pattern calls for paper piecing. I’ll come back to this in a follow up email. I am not tracking on the instructions. I’ll contact the pattern designer and figure this out.  

Tip for paper piecing: Set your stitch length to 1.5mm or 16 stitches per inch. This makes paper removal easier. 

Okay, I’m getting this in the mail, so that’s all for now. Have fun with it! 

Warmest wishes,


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