Lightning Bugs Quilt Studio

Whether you’re a long time quilter or a beginner, Lightning Bugs Quilt Studio is a certified no-judgment zone. Together–that’s you and me–we’re going to finish a quilt that will make you proud.

Preparing your quilt top:  Pssst! I have a secret… There’s no such thing as a perfect piecer. Sure, some come close, but if your piecing is a bit off, don’t give it another thought. Just follow these simple guidelines as you prepare your quilt top and it’s going to be absolutely beautiful when you get […]

Hang It UP!

Two ways to add a quilt sleeve to your quilt Quilts can be beautiful heirlooms that last for generations. They can also be the comfortable snuggie that your little one can’t live without. For some quilts, the more they’re used, washed, crinkled and loved, the better they become.  Then there are those quilts you just […]