Preparing Your Quilt Top for Long Arming 

Best long arm quilting

Pssst! I have a secret… There’s no such thing as a perfect piecer. Sure, some come close, but if your piecing is a bit off, don’t give it another thought. Just follow these simple guidelines as you prepare your quilt top and it’s going to be absolutely beautiful when you get it back.

It’s easy. It’s quick. And it produces beautiful results! 

  1. Press. I recommend pressing seams to one side for most quilt tops. It strengthens the seams and prevents future tears. (That’s me speaking from experience.) If you prefer to press your seams open, that’s fine too. The point, whatever your preference, pressing produces much nicer results.
  • Clip excess threads. We get it…you’ll miss some threads and it’s no big deal. But taking the time to snip obvious bunched and hanging threads pays off in spades. Loose threads show through lighter fabrics, which takes away from the overall beauty and elegance of your quilt top. You put a lot of time into that work of art and snipping hanging threads is worth a few extra minutes. 
  • Fold your beauty like it’s a fresh, new sheet…i.e., as neatly as you can without crinkles or bunching. 
  • Place your quilt top in a weatherproof bag. We have quality control on our end, as in the dynamic duo handling your quilt with kid gloves, but we have zero control from your post office to ours.  Place your quilt top in a plastic bag or wrap it in plastic wrap. This wrap is added protection from weather. I’ve found that extra-large sealable Ziplock bags work great, but bubble wrap, plastic grocery bags and even cling wrap will do if that’s all you have handy.

Please do not baste your quilt top. 

Please do not put pins in your quilt top.

And that’s it. Wasn’t that easy? Alrighty then, let’s get that quilt top quilted so you can enjoy the fruits of y(our) labor.

Whether you’re a long time quilter or a beginner, Lightning Bugs Quilt Studio is a certified no-judgment zone. Together–that’s you and me–we’re going to finish a quilt that will make you proud.

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