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Thanks for participating in our first block of the month program. The Illusions BOM quilt by Banyan Batiks is GORGEOUS. The program will lead to a lot of learning and a big, beautiful quilt.

Enclosed, you’ll find your fabrics for “MONTH ONE,” and your pattern booklet. Put your pattern booklet in a safe place; you’ll need it throughout the next 12 months (and beyond if you choose to replicate the elements of this quilt in future projects).

What’s to Come:

From January through December 2022, you’ll receive your block fabrics each month. There are 12 large blocks. I encourage you to finish each block before the next one arrives so that you won’t feel rushed or overwhelmed.

I’ll provide an email and a physical letter each month to include helpful tips, along with any recommended supplies. Please remember, these are the designer’s recommendations for added convenience. They are *not* required to complete your quilt blocks.

Next Step:

Please follow this link to sign up for recuring monthly payments of $25 to ensure seamless delivery of your quilt blocks. Choose your preferred border color. Border colors are limited, so please sign up when you receive this letter. I will make every effort to provide the color of your choice, but with limited supplies, the sooner you sign up, the better.

If the above link doesn’t work, please copy and/or paste the link below.

Illusions Block of the Month

Backing Options:

This is a very large quilt, 88” x 102.” I recommend having it long arm quilted. As a Block of the Month participant, you’ll receive 10% off our long arming services. We’d love to quilt it for you, but if you have a plan for the long arming, we’ll ship your backing to you. We can chat about that in the coming weeks/months.

I’ll email any links to our BOM videos that we post on YouTube. I look forward to working and learning with you.

Happy creating!

~Theresa, Lightning Bugs Quilt Studio

Welcome Video! Press those seams! 1/4

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